Field Research

Ethnography, site visits, call in center observation, surveys, hot spots, usability testing…all critical tools in a UXers tool kit. Sometimes basic guerrilla UX techniques are used, at other times something more sophisticated, like measuring physiological responses in a secure lab environment.

Persona Research

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White boarding, diagraming, sketching; whatever you call it, it's low fidelity and important. You can use a napkin, good old fashioned paper or a stencil set.


ABT. Always Be Testing.  The best UX relies on the constant measurement of non-vanity metrics.
Design talent alone is not enough. No designer or business leader fully understands the mindset of a customer without extensive testing and expert analysis.


Sometimes a simple black and white InVision clickable prototype is all you need. Other times, something more complex built in Flinto or Xcode.
Micro Interactions
Designing an interaction can be as simple as creating a Keynote transition or as complex as hand animating with javascript, Swift or a motion graphics editor like Apple's Motion.

Mobile Releases

cru+ iOS Android, The Motivated Life, ServiceLive iOS Android, PYB app iOS Android.
Responsive Web

Responsive Sites

The web is dynamic, exciting and constantly evolving. Web apps today must be powerful (using GSAP or Angular.js) responsive and lightning fast.